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We recommend bringing in your eyewear for regular maintenance in our store and believe well fitting specs will be important to you. 

Using lens cleaner and keeping your spectacles away from all sources of heat, and especially out of the car glove box should ensure years of great use.


Moving parts such as small screws can loosen over time, and it is generally straight forward to tighten them for you.


Always follow the instructions you are given with your contact lenses, our eyes are precious. 

We advise using a hard case to store your glasses whilst you're not wearing them, and remember to store them up high as puppies love chewing something that smells just like you.


Frames, Sunglasses and Lenses are covered by twelve month warranties for faulty workmanship. This does not cover usual wear and tear e.g. scratches, accident or improper use or storage of the product.

Prescription lenses made up to our Optometrist's prescriptions are covered by ten weeks adaptation warranty. Generally, people adapt to their new prescriptions within a few weeks.

Contact Lenses  are not exchangeable or refundable once box and or seal is broken

Eye Exam           no-show and cancellation fees may apply 

Lay-buys             are generally six weeks unless specified 

Frames               after condition assessment we offer to re-glaze your frame at your own risk

Customers bear the risk when requesting products be couriered, and are then covered by courier's policy. 

We take great care to ensure you have made informed choices before ordering your lenses, therefore we do not offer any change of mind refund on frames in accordance with Consumer Affairs Victoria's laws.

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